G - All Ages
Airing 25 December 2018 to
20 June 2019
Premier Winter 2005
Source Original
Episode 52 (15 min. per ep.)
Status Finished Airing
Score 6 by 9
Rank 12782
Popularity 12945
Member 120

Turuturutu Narongi


  • Nalong: Fly to the Sky
  • 뚜루뚜루뚜 나롱이


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Somewhere in this world, there is a town named Lala in a forest called Lulu. This is the home of Nalong and many other furry little creatures. Nalong lives with his father and 10 brothers, and attends elementary school. His friends are an otter named Ukkya, an ostrich named Tajori, and the Mandu brothers, who were accidentally made by the famous inventor Professor Penguil. (Source: Wikipedia)


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