PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Airing 12 January 2009 to
29 May 2020
Premier Winter 2009
Source Manga
Episode 12 (24 min. per ep.)
Status Finished Airing
Score 7.34 by 17246
Rank 2280
Favorite 125
Popularity 1926
Member 37092



  • Ride Back
  • ライドバック


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In the future, an organization called the GGP has taken control of the world. Rin Ogata was a promising up-and-coming ballet dancer, but suffered a serious injury while dancing and decided to quit. Years later in college, she comes across a club building and soon finds herself intrigued by a transforming motorcycle-like robotic vehicle called a "Rideback". She soon finds that her unique ballet skills with balance and finesse make her a born natural on a Rideback. However, those same skills also get her into serious trouble with the government. (Source: Wikipedia)