PG - Children
Airing 10 January 2005 to
17 October 2019
Premier Winter 2005
Broadcast Mondays at 18:00 (JST)
Source Unknown
Episode 51 (23 min. per ep.)
Status Finished Airing
Score 6.48 by 1640
Rank 5668
Favorite 11
Popularity 5993
Member 3190

B-Legend! Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits!


  • B-Legend! Battle Bedaman: Fire Spirits
  • Bedaman: Fire Spirits
  • Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!
  • B-伝説(ビーレジェンド)! バトルビーダマン 炎魂(ファイヤースピリッツ!)


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In B-Daworld, B-Daplayers are searching for the legendary Strike Shot, a type of B-Daball made from fallen star that can enhance B-Daman's abilities. Along the way, B-DaMage gives out hints through B-Daman Broadcasting, for individuals entering Winners tournament, which requires Strike Shot to be eligible to compete. (Source: Wikipedia)


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